coloring pages Disney Princess Merida


Sources of coloring pages of princess Merida to print and color.

coloringdisney.tumblr: Brave Merida coloring book:A day of freedom away from castle DunBroch - Merida believes she will find love on her own without a contest - Elinor wants her daughter to marry a young lord from one of the Highland clans, but Merida refuses! - Merida leaves the castle and rides Angus into the forest - Merida falls from Angus near a place called the Ring of Stones - Merida meets the small forest sprites - Merida finds a witch's cottage in the overgrown Highland woods - The witch agrees to help Merida - The witch creates a magic potion in her cauldron - The witch makes a cake. Anyone who tastes it will be under a magic spell - Merida returns to Castle DunBroch with the spell cake and looks for her mother - While Elinor is away, Fergus entertains the Highlanders with stories and songs - The lords want to know who will marry Merida - The queen tries to walk but its not easy - Fergus smells a bear in the castle and tries to find it - Maudie, the triplet's nursemaid, is very surprised to see a bear in the castle - Harris, Hubert and Hamish are not afraid of the bear. They know it is their mother. - The witch's spell is broken and Queen Elinor is back - King fergus is glad when the three princes are little boys again - Merida and Queen Elinor work together to make a new tapistry - Queen Elinor is happy to start a new tradition with her daughter, the brave princess of DunBroch - The triplets love sweets! Nothing can stop them from eating the Witch's cake - Merida and the queen go back to the Highland woods to look for the witch's cottage - From the top of the castle, Fergus looks for the bear he smelled - The young lords use their strenght to open the door of the castle - Merida wants to find a way to break the spell, but the witch and her castle are gone! - Merida and the queen spend the night at the cottage ruins, hoping the Witch will return - Merida's mother digs through the ruins of the cottage, hoping to find something to make her human again - After spending the hight in the cottage ruins, the queen makes breakfast - Merida gives her mother a few lessons about being a bear - The queen learns how to catch fish in the river - The will o' the wisps return to show Merida and the queen a new path into the forest - Harris, Hubert and Hamish eat the spell cake and turn into bear cubs! - The wisps lead merida and her mother to the ruins of an ancient castle - The will o' the wisps disappear near the ruins of and ancient castle - The ruins look dangerous, but Merida is brave - Merida looks at the stone tablets and realizes that Mor'du is the selfish prince from an old legend - A long time ago, Mor'du was a man, but the witch's spell turned him into a bear - Merida bravely stands up to Mor'du and protects her mother - The queen and Merida work together to escape from Mor'du - On the way home, Merida realizes how she can break the Witch's spell - Merida and the queen hide from the castle guards - Merida promises to break the spell and save her mother - The door to the tapestry room is locked, and Merida needs the key - Trying to hide, Elinor pretends to be a stuffed bear - The bear cubs want to help Merida, so they run to get the key to the Tapestry Room - Merida must repair the tapestry to break the Witch's spell - Merida protects Elinor from her father, who does not know that his wife is a bear - Elinor bravely fights Mor'du and defeats him! - Merida tells her mother that she loves her even if she is a bear - - Merida with a bear Merida angrily destroys the family tapestry with her sword

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