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mockingbirdsSources of clipart of various species of birds,bird houses, and bird baths.

Bird Printouts - Various types of birds.

Birds Clipart - 80+ clipart of birds, bird houses, and bird baths.

Birds Clipart

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Birds Clip Art Images

Birds-graphics by Inge - Hundreds of colorful bird clipart on several pages: 1  2  3  4  5  6 7

Classroom Clipart - Birds - Duck Clipart - Parrot Clipart

Clipart ETC: Bird Illustrations - over 2560 clipart illustrations of birds and bird anatomy.

Free Birds Clipart at - clipart of birds and pictures of Bluebirds, Cardinals, Chickadees, Doves, Ducks, Finches, Geese, Orioles, Owls, Sparrows, Robins, Pelicans, Seagulls, Swans, and other birds clip art.

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Free Bird Gifs - various types of birds: rooster, chicken, hawk, eagle, blue jay, duck, seagull flamingo...

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Vintage bird clip art on Flickr

Images from The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Anderson. enlarge images Click on the images to see a larger version.

Ugly duckling and a turkey
Turkey and ugly duckling

Ugly duckling and a dog
Dog and ugly duckling

Ugly duckling and a raven
Raven and ugly duckling

Ugly duckling and swans

The images below are from a wonderful Web site called Reusable Art - enlarge images Click on the images to see a larger version.

White gueese and dog
White gueese and dog
Owl and cat
Owl and cat
Ruddy ducks
Ruddy ducks

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