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James and John with Jesus



Jesus' Simon and Andrew were fishermen - James and John were also fishermen - Peter tried to walk on water with Jesus - Jesus ordained the 12 apostles - The original 12 apostles with Jesus (page 1 of 2) - The original 12 apostles with Jesus (page 2 of 2) - The apostles with Jesus at the Last Supper - Judas was the apostle that betrayed him at Gethsemane - Eleven apostles were at the ascension - Apostles had to begin spreading the word through preaching - They choose Matthias as the new 12th apostle - Peter and John were released from prison by an angel - Paul was blinded while on the Damascas road - Paul's sight is restored by Ananias - Paul was shipwrecked on Malta - This is a map of some of Paul's many journeys - The apostles wrote letters to the churches they established Jesus Chooses the First Disciples - Jesus calls Matthew to follow Him Matthew 9:9 - The twelve disciples Matthew 10:1-4 Jesus with the apostles - James and John with Jesus Jesus' first followers - Jesus Teaching To His Disciples - The Apostle Paul learned that Jesus is God's Son. Peter and John Heal a Lame Man - Peter and John Arrested and Released - Philip and the Ethiopian - Saul is Converted - Peter Raises Tabitha - Peter and Cornelius - Peter's Vision - Peter is Released From Prison - Paul's First Missionary Journey - Timothy Joins Paul and Silas - Paul and Silas are Imprisoned - The Riot at Ephesus - Paul is Arrested in the Temple - Paul is Sent to Felix - Paul Goes Before Agrippa - Voyage to Rome - Shipwreck at Malta - Paul's Ministry in Rome Apostles Coloring Page

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